Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Modern Luxury Interiors for Apartment

This project is all about recycling and renovation of city space. What is important, what it takes to work, create and Check the ' home ' for owners, a couple in their 60 's are explored and discussed in detail the modern luxury interiors. Luxury created by the textures and layers of material and plays of light and space. The project has changed the life of open space using the built in joinery tackle room-joinery like this becomes perceived as an object of sculptural furniture of modern luxury interiors. Window dressing as raw material can be presented as a luxury.

With the next door neighbor on a layer of up, down and to the side, this apartment is located in a vertical community. In this context, the project is creating a sanctuary in the sky and explore issues of individualism, and privacy. Use interior planning to emphasize the horizontal and reconnect the external line of sight views, framing the water sky and trees. Located at the western end of the floor plate-shaped arches, internal elements such as walls, floor materials, doors and Windows, the lighting grid and rotating grid with structural and building forms. Interior architecture modern luxury interiors and radial responded to create a sense of the balanced horizontally. Technologies such as ovens, Laundry bar, cooling, music, television is still accessible when needed, allowing the space to have a dual role, is hidden.

The client was initially intrigued by the White interior. We are guided by the basic more warm, layered with a smooth texture and hand scraped Oak floor boards United stripes and honed travertine. There is a softness in the Visual materials that absorb sunlight rough. There was a time when apartment Ethereal feel. Views and artwork from the owner is allowed to speak. The core of this project is to use the philosophy and expression of the wood. Lime border modern luxury interiors floors is hand selected for characteristics of a thin opaque gloss and color that absorbs light and reflected light unfolding gently all over the apartment. The linear nature of the wood grain is explored in hardwood floors. Follow the basic structure of a radial grid building floor boards that are rotated into sections accordingly.

Custom furniture designed to celebrate the limitations of the material. The dinner table is the floor plate extrusion where the horizontal and vertical joints carefully aligned. This principle applies to the bed, the head of the bed and the bath wall carpentry, custom designed and made from the same material. While this space is relatively modest in size, the use of wood as a material that creates a sense of serenity carved through the game of light forms sculpture are simple. The limited palette of the core material in the form of exit, limed, travertine and off white walls is enhanced by luxurious materials such as leather, felt, linen spray and contrasting furniture. The raw materials are refined objects of modern luxury interiors

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Living Room Decorating Ideas - Young Couple‘s

Living Room Decorating Ideas - young couple‘s

Living Room Decorating Ideas is about reconstruction of the apartment on the first floor of the family who owned the House formed in the 1970s, it was designed as a minimum commitment of modernism architecture, white, decorative style-conscious contrast former residence.

This Living Room Decorating Ideas to reorganize functions pulling down existing walls, curved, allowing an open space from the entrance to the dining room and kitchen and terrace.

Two bedrooms private operate as separate units (parents and children) are available and accessible from the entry area. Hinge door allows access to corridors, facing the bathroom window is covered by a lining of marrow and gives access to the dressing room, a bathroom and a bedroom. One enters the realm of life along the walls of the closet corner, hiding the two steel columns and focuses on the old "flower box", now transformed in a frameless box type. At the same time that the room narrows to the back wall, spread up to 3 different directions. Deep incisions in the wall lit closet space width changes and intensify the narrowness. The kitchen was designed following a horizontal window that exists and is surrounded by floor to ceiling elements on both sides.

All the finished project this living room decorating ideas made in white MDF, imparting uniformity in each room, supported by less, composite floor mineral grey shared to accentuate the space constantly. The concept supports the impact lighting space using light scattering and linear.
From the entrance hall of the building there is a ladder reset open to radically redesigned, light and bright new apartment flooded.

In the attic before dark and cavernous 4,000 square feet, two architectural structure [contains a bathroom, kitchen and storage services] oriented Lucchetta one to another to frame a space and privacy to make a bedroom.

This independent core articulated with reference is less than solid wood edge stocks that overlap. Given above is continuous glass skin that gives the volumetric light definition. Structure that acts as a beacon in space, providing illumination from above; They enable the aircraft ceiling and connects the flow of light in otherwise darkness. From the core, the direction of the fence are dematerialized in the ceiling where the reference element is the relationship between glass abstract recently, put loft and the original building.

At certain moments along the low, wooden boards to operate and allow light and air to pass through. The system can be tailored to the needs of wood hides: providing additional light for the bathroom or kitchen great for ventilation.

The kitchen is defined by 24 foot long ' work ' that includes washing, cooking, preparation and entertainment activities. Additional storage, appliances and counter space are hidden by translucent sliding door into the face of one of the Core. The kitchen is visible from all areas of public life, was deliberately designed to be the center of the family's lifestyle.

The system partition on the main screen of glass tile bathroom and studio from view while leaving a light back from the adjacent room. Etched glass angled and overlapping wooden slats in the core; horizontal orientation of glass capture spread thin and light in interior space. In contrast to the blatant expression of light above the transparent reference in core, custom glass curtain system emits a soft glow at the corners of the apartment.

The goal of Living Room Decorating Ideas is that the rooms are arranged as a series of related fields and provide a continuous flow of space around the basic structure. Bedrooms, games room and children's room was designed as a suite of related fields, which can accommodate large groups of games without interfering with the activities going on in other parts of the attic.